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GREAT JOB!!!!! David T.- February 9, 2017 On August 12, 2016 I had surgery for Osteoarthritis exacerbated hip decay, requiring a total right hip replacement. Not only was the process made comfortable by Dr Dan Caffrey, but I was immediately rewarded after waking from surgery by a confident and smiling face! Dr. Caffrey asked me "What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?", and I said "I felt to see if my leg was still there.",  a good laugh. "What was the second thing you thought of..?" , I responded with a sincere "God bless you." , and told him that after 10 months of increasingly bad pain, that , with exception of the recent cuts, I was completely free of that horrible, deep, unrelenting pain. Here I am, after 7 months, off my crutches/cane, exercising, walking every day, and looking forward to going back to work. All I can say is THANK YOU AGAIN! Excellent Doctor & Cautious (which I appreciate) Judith F.- July 12, 2016 Dr. Caffrey has done several knee surgeries on me in the last 20 years (wow!  has it really been that long?) with excellent results.  Unfortunately, on the last surgery, I threw a clot and after determining that I had a clotting disorder, now that I need a new knee, he is being very cautious which I really appreciate.  We haven't given up yet in finding some kind of non surgical solution.  Even after I moved, I won't give him up and gladly drive the 100 miles to see him.  Thanks Dr. Caffrey! Excellent Orthapaedic Doctor/Surgeon Sherry K.- January 3, 2016 Dr Dan Caffrey is the Best!  I had a shoulder surgery, a broken foot, and a torn muscle in my elbow (2 of which required surgery with no complications). Most recently, I had severe pain in my hip and leg. After ordering the proper tests, he referred me to a Neurosurgeon.  I have since had back surgery and am now recovering.  Thank you for quality care and Thanks to PA Josh Chadwell and your staff. Excellent Doctor Cynthia M.- October 21, 2015 I had both knees replaced.  My left knee in 2012 and my right knee in 2014.  Dr. Caffrey did a great job.  No more pain and my knees never bother me anymore.  I would recommend Dr. Caffrey to anyone.  GREAT JOB! Amazing Physician Bobbie Jo R.- July 1, 2015 I experienced am ankle fracture, and Dr Caffrey is so nice. He truly listens to me. I don't think I've ever experienced such a wonderful doctor. Excellent Doctor Richard S.- May 15, 2015 I had both knee replacements done one year apart, left knee in 2013 and right in Jan 2014.  I had great success on both.  Dr Caffrey may not do as many knee replacements as other doctors in town, but he does his best possible surgery for each of his patients.  I had my one year post-op visit this week.  I can have a very active life style; walking , work-out at gym, and work in my large yard with garden.  I am 70 and I feel like 50.  Thank you Dr Caffrey and P.A.Josh for this. The Best Mary S.- April 20, 2015 Dr. Caffrey has been my Orthopedic Surgeon since Sept 2014. He was very professional and he explained every step of what we he was going to do with my ankle.  I broke it in a Motorcycle accident.  I was scared and he made me feel at ease that he would take care of me.  Dr. Caffrey is an awesome Doctor, really with a great personality.  He has taken really good care of my ankle, put a plate and 5 screws in it and it is like brand new again.  Dr. Caffrey doesn't treat you like a number like some doctors do where they rush you in and out of the office.  He takes his time and he listens to you if you have any concerns.  I have told my friends that he is the Best Ortho there is, and if they needed a good Ortho to ask for Dr. Caffrey.  I'm very picky about my doctors!  He has the best bed side manor that I have seen. He is very Genuine.  You’re the best Dr. Caffrey, and Thank You for all you have done. Best of the Best! Preston E.- April 4, 2015 Best of the best.  I have known Dr. Caffrey since the mid 80's. He is not only the best orthopedic surgeon I know. I consider him my friend. I tell people he saved my life. I was having lower back pain and he ordered an MRI. He called before I got back to the office and said you have no back problems, but you do have have a large aneurysm on your aorta. Two days later I was in surgery. All arranged by Dr. Caffrey. He has performed surgery on both of my shoulders, and most recently a full knee replacement. I am one year into that and doing fine. The aneurysm was in 99. The knee was in 2014. I have had other surgery by other surgeons which were failures. I can't imagine having anyone else doing orthopedic surgery on me. Exceptional Care Patty W.- March 2, 2015 Dr. Caffrey has been my Orthopedic Surgeon since he repaired my ruptured biceps tendon in 2012.  He was very professional and explained each step in the process. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise in dealing with a serious Workers Comp injury.  I was so impressed with his practice, that I returned in 2014 when I began having painful knee issues.  After exhausting all other treatments, we went ahead with a total knee replacement.  Dr. Caffrey knew of my metal allergy and did an exhaustive search for the best possible prosthetic device for my implant. I just had my 1 year post-op appointment and I am very satisfied with my results.  I recommend him to all my friends and family members. It's a comfort to find a physician who cares about his patients and works tirelessly to provide exceptional care.  Many thanks to Dr. Caffrey and to his Physicians Assistant, Josh.

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Gives You His Undivided Attention Angela P. - February 16, 2015 Dr. Caffrey is very personable and makes you feel at ease. He listens to you and doesn't treat you like a "number" or "chart". He gives you his undivided attention and doesn't rush through his time with you to get to the next person. He seems to be very genuine. Our “Family” Doctor Dobie S. - February 11, 2015 Dr. Caffrey has treated two broken bones for me, replaced both my husband's hips and repaired his rotator cuff, and treated breaks for both our son and daughter. He always gives clear explanations, and has a relaxing, personable manner. We have had no complications and have healed rapidly from all treatments. We would never consider going to anyone else for our orthopedic needs!! Best Orthopedic Surgeon Around Randy P. - January 28, 2015 Dr. Caffrey has replaced both of my hips in the last two years, I feel better at 64 than I did at 50. I can now chase around my two grandchildren! Josh his assistant also went above and beyond! Wish both of them the best! Fantastic doctor with a fantastic practice Mike O. - January 28, 2015 I had a torn labrum that I had let go for a few months longer than I should have.  Went to MurphyWainer and was lucky enough to get Dr. Caffrey as my surgeon. Fantastic doctor with a fantastic practice. You Saved My Life Nancy C. - January 6, 2015 Thank you  for your calm manner.  The work you did on my knee gave me instant relief.  Thank you for also seeing beyond my knee and recommending I go straight to my primary care doctor about the swelling in my legs.  That recommendation sent me on to the hospital and saved my life.
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